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For more than 40 years, Multi-Prêts:

Gets you a mortgage pre-approval quickly
Helps you get the best mortgage rate and conditions on the market
Explains the different mortgage products currently available
Gives you access to various online tools that support you in your efforts
Advises you so that you can make informed choices regarding the type of rate (fixed or variable?), the amortization period (for example 10, 20 or 30 years?), and the term (for example 3, 5, or 10 years?)

Why do business with a Multi-Prêts mortgage broker?

Your Multi-Prêts mortgage broker will find for you the mortgage products that correspond to your needs and your financial situation. He will also negotiate with the various banks and financial institutions to help you save as much as possible

Mortgage broker VS bank

The broker has in-depth knowledge of the market: he has access to the rates offered by several banks and financial institutions at the same time. This allows them to provide you with the best rate for your needs among a wide range of products, unlike banks and financial institutions mortgage consultants, who are limited to offering you only their products.

At Multi-Prêts, you will get the best rates on the market.

Dealing with a mortgage broker will save you from having to contact several banks and financial institutions in the hope of getting your hands on the most advantageous mortgage products and the best mortgage rate. This way, you will avoid having to spend a considerable amount of time explaining your situation and your needs over and over again to different mortgage consultants, a particularly embarrassing step for people in an unfavourable financial position. The mortgage broker will take care of it for you!

Besides, the broker ensures that the necessary follow-ups are made with banks and financial institutions, keeps you informed of any developments in your file, and prepares all documents and contracts when you make your selection.

A mortgage broker has no advantage in directing you to a particular bank or institution's mortgage products: he or she will advise you objectively among all the available offers to find the most economical solution for you.

For the client, the services of mortgage brokers are entirely free of charge. There are no commissions to pay and no hidden fees. Instead, banks and financial institutions pay the broker a commission on the mortgage products sold.

A Multi-Prêts mortgage broker VS another mortgage broker

With more than 500 brokers across the province, Multi-Prêts has been the mortgage brokerage leader in Quebec for more than 40 years. Thanks to Multi-Prêts' well-established reputation, many of its professionals are always called upon to share their knowledge in the media.

Multi-Prêts has developed a unique technology in the field exclusively for its brokers: the decision support system, which regroups in a single, easily accessible document all the products of all the lenders we do business with. According to their situation and needs, this system allows our brokers to propose the most advantageous offers to each of their clients.

Our brokers have access to administrative support that is unparalleled in the industry, giving them more time to take care of their valued clients.

Our brokers and territories served

West of Montreal

2892 Saint-Charles Boulevard
Kirkland, Quebec H9H 3B6

T : 438 799-5776  | F : 514 906-7011


7655 Newman Boulevard, Suite 306
Lasalle, Quebec H8N 1X7

T : 438 806-9659 | F : 514 879-8927


180 Saint-Charles Avenue
Vaudreuil-Dorion (Quebec) J7V 2L1

T : 1 866 919-8767 | F : 1 888 769-7464

Are Multi-Prêts mortgage brokers certified, brokers?

Yes, mortgage brokerage is a regulated profession. Therefore, all mortgage brokers practicing in Quebec must hold a valid permit issued by l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers ‘’AMF’’. To obtain this permit, brokers must first have completed basic brokerage training recognized by l’Autorité and passed the entrance exam.

Because they operate in a regulated profession, brokers are required to comply with various obligations set out in the Mortgage Brokerage Code of Ethics, such as the obligation to audit, disclose and advise, and respect the confidentiality of personal information provided by their clients.

Brokers also must keep their knowledge up to date and acquire new concepts essential to the practice of their trade through continuing education in two-year cycles.

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    West of Montreal

    2892 Saint-Charles Boulevard

    Kirkland, Quebec H9H 3B6


    7655 Newman Boulevard, Suite 306

    Lasalle, Quebec H8N 1X7


    180 Saint-Charles Avenue

    Vaudreuil-Dorion (Quebec) J7V 2L1

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